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Estimated Caller Location for 605-853-5199

Subscriber Data for 6058535199
Location Data for 6058535199

City: Miller


State: SD

Zip: 57362

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User Provided Phone Number Information for (605) 853-5199 (1)

  1. Annoyed Victim

    This number is a robot caller. All types of calls come from this number daily. From an actual person to a bot. Some leave voice messages sometime not. I am unable stop the caller from contacting me. In one case the person almost immediately asked for Credit Card info. This number should be removed from service and the owner or those responsible should be investigated. It is an annoyance at the least and likely a scam or possibly a predator or fraudster. This number should be closed and the calls need to stop.

    #0 – 1 March, 2018 at 11:25 am

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